Hamilton musical

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Tue, Dec 10 2019 7:00 PM EDT Fri, Dec 31 2021 10:30 PM EDT

Hamilton is a most recent hip hop musical phenomenon - Broadway blockbuster of nowadays. Originally based on the book by  Ron Chernow, It tells a story of Alexander Hamilton, the founding father of the USA. You'll observe an epic journey from being just West Indies immigrant to becoming the right hand of President George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Music is outstanding, you'll hear not only hip hop but also R&B, jazz, and blues. The Hamilton Musical claimed 11 Tony awards and 7 Olivier awards. It was shown on both sides of the Atlantic and got numerous acclaims. This year Hamilton musical is on a national tour and thought its really difficult to get tickets, it's still possible. There are some tickets left in Indianapolis, you can find it here: It will be the most memorable 3 hours of this year.